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Whether small-scale setups or large-scale installations, our experienced team delivers high-quality solutions designed for effortless management of even the most complex AV systems.

What is control system design?

Control system design involves implementing streamlined and scalable solutions that ensure seamless operation and management of audio-visual systems, regardless of complexity.

We believe that every AV system, no matter its size or intricacy, should be easy to control. Our team of professionals specializes in providing high-quality control systems that are meticulously designed for both small and large-scale applications, offering intuitive operation interfaces for effortless management and optimization of AV environments.

With Immersive Studios, you can trust in our commitment to delivering innovative control solutions that enhance the functionality and performance of your AV systems, while simplifying the user experience for seamless operation.

Control Panel Design
Design of control panels, including layout planning, component selection and assembly, to provide centralized control.
Control System Consulting
Expert guidance and consultation to help clients identify their control system requirements and develop customized solutions tailored to their needs.
Comprehensive discovery process of existing systems and provide consultation on future planning, expansion or immediate upgrades, with scalable solutions.