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We offer advanced audio system design solutions using evolved computer modeling systems. With our top-of-the-line technologies and decades of experience in creating and installing complex AV designs, we offer audio systems with the highest performance capabilities and accuracy. Immersive Studios provides audio systems that include distributed audio, digital audio networks, intercom systems, theatrical systems and more.



Immersive Studios is leading the industry in advanced visual systems. Visual technologies are often the first to be noticed and the most memorable, which makes visual systems a highly important aspect to any space, regardless of the market. We offer a wide variety of visual services that range from large-scale LED video systems and teleconference setup for corporate and higher education spaces, high-quality projection systems and to digital signage.



Our team of lighting engineers and designers are grounded in the visual and theatrical arts and its interaction with technology. We understand the importance of superb lighting technology and give our clients the best lighting solution for their next show, concert or event. A specialized division of FEA Consulting Engineers, Immersive Studios works closely with FEA’s lighting division, Light Theory Studios, to create a cohesive and seamless lighting design. Our services include a wide range of lighting solutions that are not limited to just indoor venues. Immersive Studios has the experience to handle full renovations, as well as ground-up and mega projects.


Immersive Studios is highly experienced and knowledgeable in creating fully integrated and seamless control systems that are scalable to fit the needs of any project. We believe any AV system, no matter its complexity, should still be easy to control. Our team of professionals can provide high-quality control systems at small and large scales, with operation systems that are manageable.



With technology constantly advancing, using low voltage products can help reduce the amount of electricity used. Low voltage systems are comprised of electrical equipment that use 50 volts of electricity or less. At Immersive Studios, we assist in helping clients with low voltage systems and technology. We offer services for low voltage systems such as surveillance and wireless connectivity systems. ​



Immersive Studios offers a diverse lineup of professionals who are all seasoned engineers and capable of working with and meeting the needs of everyone involved in the project. Our team is highly efficient at planning and managing any project from start to finish, without exception for scale or complexity. We work with you through all stages of the design and construction process to ensure your vision comes to life.