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As a leader in audio-visual engineering design, we recognize the importance of elevating a space and creating fully immersive experiences across a vast range of industries. From entertainment and hospitality to corporate spaces and higher education, Immersive Studios can bring your vision to life.

Hotel room


Immersive Studios is a leading AV engineering and design firm for top locations in the hospitality market, from smaller family-owned hotels to the world’s top resort hotels. Our team can provide all your audio-visual needs for hotel rooms, lobby areas and entertainment spaces, including conference rooms and convention halls.
Concert lighting


Headquartered in the Las Vegas Valley, Immersive Studios thrives in the entertainment space. Our AV engineers and designers can provide leading audio-visual technologies that will launch your entertainment venue or entity above the rest. Whether it is a small theater or concert hall, or large stadium or arena, Immersive Studios can help you achieve each of your visual and audio needs.
Corporate buildings


Immersive Studios will take your corporate space and turn your AV system needs into a reality. We provide services that include audio-visual system design, complete documentation and commissioning. Our team of skilled AV engineers and specialists make this process easy to choose the lowest-bid installer. Throughout the project we consider our clients’ best interests and collaborate with our diverse and experienced team to ensure the best results.
Government building


Our government experience ranges from simple to elaborate designs for a wide range of government buildings and entities. Our top priority is to accomplish effective and efficient design within any local or federal government space. Offering creative solutions and personal consultations, Immersive Studios is a leading engineering firm for government projects and agencies.
University library


Audio-visual designs are essential for high-quality learning experiences in higher education for both students and professors. Immersive Studios can bring the future to your campus with high-tech and unique solutions. With administration and students expecting the best and newest technology right in the classroom, we provide services that include sound reinforcement, AV presentation, lecture capture and streaming systems. Our services provide a seamless connection between technology and the education process, with manageable systems, making it easier for students and faculty to utilize. As part of our services, Immersive Studios offers complete specifications, drawings and event system commissioning.
Casino gaming


In the hospitality and gaming industry, Immersive Studios has built an experienced and diverse repertoire of top casino, gaming and resort-style experiences. From smaller casinos to world-renowned megaresorts, Immersive Studios has been the leader in audio-visual technologies for a variety of gaming entities along the Las Vegas Strip and across the country. Our seasoned team of engineers and AV experts have the knowledge of the highest quality products and experience to assist with new construction, remodel or technology system renovation.
The Bedford by Martha Stewart


Audio-visual design is an essential element to any bar or restaurant that can make or break the overall experience for the customer. At Immersive Studios, we work with a wide range of restaurants and bars to create a fully immersive experience that is unique to your establishment and brand. Our veteran design engineers work closely with our clients from start to finish to achieve the best results possible. We offer top-of-the-line AV technology solutions and system designs that best fit your needs and meet your goals.